The Rausch is Turning

Rausch Burning party at Nollywood & Promo Mix (no.9)

rausch no5 flyer FINAL


On Friday 25th April we will be cerebrating our new party Rausch Burning, at the Planet Nollywood in Camberswell. Conjoining us at the wheels will be Scoinsy of MK junglist infamy (known for never pulling up, except on his ride) and Mikey Delam of New Cross-cum-Bathian bi-laws and a more str8 up techno happroach (known for lots of things but, most notably, slamming records one after the next to many a Rauschian fervour;-). And last but not least we have Tom Prouse who is the Djing third of the Prouse Bros Audio dynasty (you wait!). I imagine we will loosely be voyaging through 88-95, musically speaking, but mentally going somewhere else entirely. See you on the floor. RTxx

here’s a mix to herald the event;




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