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“Conscious”/”Unconscious” (Git Wah’s Hole/Soul) (no.7)







3 comments on ““Conscious”/”Unconscious” (Git Wah’s Hole/Soul) (no.7)

  1. Nik Thorup
    July 29, 2015

    oh man, this is wonderful… any more info on these albums? tracklist?

    Thanks so much for sharing

  2. rauschturning
    August 3, 2015

    Hi Nik, Thanks! Glad you like the mix. I will try to get a tracklist together for you- in the meantime is there any tracks in particular you wanted to know? Cheers, Tris

  3. rauschturning
    August 17, 2015

    here the tracklist;


    General Crook – What time it is – 7”
    Fuji – Revelation –7”
    General Crook – Reality
    Fugi – Set you Free 7”
    Chocolate Snow – Inflation (Numero Recs N027)
    Sunrise Movement – Clockwise Revolution 7”
    Undisputed Truth – 1990
    Mandrill – Tee Vee 7”
    Frank Zappa – Willie the Pimp
    Chubby Checker – My Mind
    Eddie (Hammer) Hailey – Together Ain’t So Bad 7”
    Swamp Dogg – God Bless America (For What?)


    Big Black – Long Hair – 7”
    Big Ben & Company – The Bronch – 7”
    Hi-Fi White – Bulldog – 7”
    The Loading Zone – Can I Dedicate
    Harvey Mandel – Snake
    Bohannon – South African Man
    Funkadelic – I bet you
    Fugi – Sweet Lady 7”
    Con-funk-shun – Mr Tambourine Man 7”
    New Experience – New Experience 7”
    Big Black – Lion Walk
    Ural Thomas – Fade Away 7”

    *all LPs where not indicated 7″

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