The Rausch is Turning

Rausch in Pub Mayday Special w/ Brian Not Brian

Hot on the heels of the last sticky session we’re going later for a Mayday blow out with Brian Not Brian!! + Warmer Weather (presumably) Export Guinness Pool table Jerk … Continue reading

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Rausch in Pub W/ Ken U Feel It

Pleased to have Kenny White aka Ken U Feel It throwing the next golden anchor into the depths for the next session. Expect the treasure to flow! GOLDEN ANCHOR – … Continue reading

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Rausch in Pub – Sun 31st w/Meg Woof & Jim from Puwaba

Meg Woof + Jim from Puwaba + Us Two… = Four in a Tangle Expect strong arrangements, Ukrainian Easter Eggs, string figures, paper airplanes, knots and unknots, basically a general … Continue reading

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Guest Mix; A portrait of a diamond dog as myself – Shape of a Snake (no.20)

The return of our favourite dog, whose portrait has been hanging and swinging in the rausch hallway since the last mix. This is of equal quality and mystery, yet darker … Continue reading

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NTS Radio w/ Bahamian Moor

Last veek we joined Bahamian Moor on zie radio; You can stream the whole two hours here;

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Mistri Dancehall Tape

Here’s a tape i was kindly given (along with many more) a few years back by Vijay of former Mobile Sound Systems / Roots and Culture Tapes. Being a friend … Continue reading

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Mix for Sure Thing

Here’s a rausch mix for Sure Thing all the way over in one of our would-be homelands, San Francisco. Originally conceived as a kind of old school san fran throwback … Continue reading

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